About HDMS

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About HDMS

HurmuZ Development & Marketing Solutions (HDMS) is a professional IT consulting firm located in Sultanate of Oman,which wants to earn your business and become your partner. We are the Sister Concern of HurmuZ Accountancy Consultants (Auditors & Accountants) based in Al Khuwair, Sultanate of Oman.

Over the past few years,HDMS has understood that our job is to listen to our clients, understand their project and software requirements, and develop and deliver IT solutions on time and on budget.

The HDMS team is talented, diverse and professionals.Our specialty is software but we bridge the fields of software, hardware, and Network Solutions to create a project resolution that fits.

HDMS provides consulting services, projects and software solutions. Our professionals have the ability to seamlessly integrate innovative software, cutting-edge hardware, and experienced, insightful consulting into one package. The result is a powerful, comprehensive solution that allows you to focus on developing your business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our client's expectations by providing services that increase productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage.

We at the HurmuZ Development & Marketing Solutions are dedicated to providing select companies with quality, cost-efficient, dedicated, and productive design and development.

We strive for rewards, Rewards that include project satisfaction, respect from our clients, and follow-on business. As individuals and as a company we enjoy creating elegantly designed solutions that directly profit our clients.